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Elevators may be selected by choosing from either the county drop-down list, entering a company name, or by clicking on the state map and then the individual county.

The listing contains the owner and user company name and address, equipment type, capacity, installed date, number of landings, and speed.  The list will be in order by county name, by owner name, by user name.   The information for each elevator is printed in four lines, except for the Excel format which is one line per elevator.

Seach the Elevator Inspection Data by choosing from one of these four selection methods:

Click on the North Carolina map to display information for one county
[listed in order by owner name by user name]
---- OR ----
Select one or more counties
[use 'ctrl' key for multiple selections;
use 'shift' key for range of selections]
Display in:   Web Page     Excel     MS-Word       
---- OR ----
Enter all or any part of the owner or user company name
to search in all counties [not case sensitive]
[listed in order by county by owner name by user name]
Display in:   Web Page     Excel     MS-Word       
---- OR ----
Advanced search using any or all of:
   - installed date
   - elevator type
   - county
   - user name or city
Advanced Search Page
---- OR ----
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